Research Lab

The Lab at HRC focuses on urban design, planning, Architecture and real-estate research. We Analyze city form; use cutting-edge spatial analysis and statistics to investigate how urban form and land-use developments affect urban mobility and business location choices; and develop creative design and policy solutions for contemporary urban challenges.

Project Consultation

We are open to collaborating on diverse projects but our core projects are based on principles, thought ware, analytical tools, and experience in these typologies:

  • Housing Market Assessments.
  • Project evaluation.
  • Program, product, or transaction designs.
  • Organizational strategic planning, business and financial plans.

In addition to documenting visible outputs our project evaluation work focuses on identifying the ways in which the project has contributed to ecosystem improvement.

Thought Leadership

For HRC, our theoretical work must have practical impact, we focus on issues that parallel and intersect with our consulting work and create a broader knowledge base from which to develop impactful solutions. Our Thought Leadership work fits into four categories of action:

  • Invention.
  • Transmission.
  • Adaptation.
  • Synergy